Dinstar Next Generation VoIP GSM Gateway丨UC2000-VH

Views:63 Time:2020-08-31

DINSTAR UC2000-VH GSM VoIP Gateway is a 64 channels wireless gateway based on DINSTAR new hardware platform and powerful embedded CPU, leveraging state-of-art and latest VoIP / SIP technology, which enables the smooth transit between mobile network and VoIP networks.  Supporting up to 64 concurrent calls and LCD display, makes it a unique choice in market for users who need a higher capacity wireless gateway in one single box. 
Moreover, with open API, it allows users to build their own application software to send SMS/USSD messages or bulk SMS messages, or push their text messages from email, HTTP etc. It is suitable for enterprises, multi-site organizations, call centers and areas with limited landline like rural area to cut down telephony costs and enable easy & efficient communications.
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